About Us

We are the Florida Staff Organization, the labor union for employees of the Florida Education Association and its local affiliates. Just as employees of Florida’s school districts, colleges, and universities join the Florida Education Association, employees of the Florida Education Association and several of its local affiliates join the Florida Staff Organization. We believe in the power of organized labor to bring about social, racial, and economic justice for all working people, and we believe that access to a free and high quality K-20 public education is the cornerstone of a democratic society. Every day we work to empower the members and leaders of FEA to advocate on behalf of our shared values, and to overcome the powerful private and corporate interests that constantly scheme to undermine them.

We build new unions, recruit new members, train new activists, and develop new leaders. We bring a wealth of expertise and experience in power building, contract negotiations, member advocacy, legal representation, political lobbying, communications, strategic campaigns, and organizational development to every job we do. Wherever in Florida educational staff professionals demand a living wage and safe working conditions, wherever in Florida teachers demand the time and resources to do their jobs effectively, wherever in Florida higher education faculty demand professional autonomy and intellectual freedom, and wherever in Florida graduate assistants demand basic rights such as health insurance and family and medical leave, you will find members of the Florida Staff Organization providing support on the ground and behind the scenes.

The blueprint for a happy and successful work force is the same regardless of industry: a sense of purpose, a healthy work-life balance, fair compensation, adequate training and support, and an equal partnership between labor and management. We believe that all working people deserve nothing less. As employees we work to support the Florida Education Association in realizing this ideal for its members; as members of the Florida Staff Organization we stand in solidarity with each other to realize it for ourselves.