Sense of Community

Historically, FEA’s work force has always been very stable. Most employees had been with FEA for 20-30 years, often with long tenures as local members or leaders before joining as staff. Strong relationships and a sense of camaraderie and common purpose among FEA staff developed organically over time without a great deal of conscious effort. But as veteran employees retire more and more quickly, they take with them not only their skills and experience, but also the relationships they forged with their colleagues over their careers. Today, when an FSO member is asked if they would find it useful to have more time and opportunity to connect with colleagues in their own or other departments, or if they wish they had a better understanding of the work done by their colleagues, or if they want more of a sense of how the work they do supports FEA’s strategic objectives, the answer is almost always a resounding “YES.” As new employees step into their roles, we must make efforts not only to build their knowledge and skills, but also to rebuild the sense of community that was once enjoyed by FEA staff.