Work/Life Balance

Eight hours for work, eight hours for sleep, and eight hours for what we will! This was one of the earliest cries of the labor movement, and the sentiment remains of centrally important for FSO. Our work with FEA n allows to devote our full time and creative energies in service of a cause we care about deeply. This is undoubtedly the greatest benefit of being an employee of FEA, and at the same time one of its greatest dangers. We face pressure to make personal sacrifices for the sake of our work not only from our managers, but also from ourselves. All workers deserve the ability to disconnect from the job at the end of the day, the end of the week, and for holidays and vacations. We fail to do so at peril to our health, our happiness, and the quality of our work. The labor movement is a marathon, not a sprint; we cannot expect to win if we burn out at the beginning of the race.